This blog contains various schematics I have drawn up for electronic circuits. These designs are intended (a) as suggestions or jumping-off points for your own experiments, and/or (b) suggested modifications to existing equipment.

It should be remembered that all builds, experiments, alterations, and related works that you may undertake based on the designs contained in this blog are to be carried out at your own risk, and all information should be carefully considered beforehand. I aim to provide accurate content, but errors and/or oversights may creep in undesirably, and as such the greatest care should be taken at all stages of your comprehension of this material and any actions you may take as a result.

It should also be remembered that modifying or opening up commercial equipment may render void any extant warranty and/or similar consumer support services that may be in place upon purchase of said goods. As above, I remind you that any and all works carried out by you as a result of the content of this blog are undertaken at your own risk.

It is also the case that I can only offer very limited support for those of you making such alterations, and/or building devices based upon my work to any extent. If I have posted a modification to a device, it is because I have carried it out and been satisfied that it is functional for my own purposes. I share those results on the understanding that they are to be taken as such, and that they are not to be taken as commercially viable, commercially authorised, or commercially supported. Nor are they to be taken as read without considering all relevant safety concerns that may be applicable (examples may include, but not be limited to: health and safety issues as relating to mains electrical supply, use of soldering equipment and other tools, handling of components, risks involved with hardware manufacture, etc.).

At the time of writing, I make no money from this blog, and it is presented in any and all parts as a non-commercial entity on my part. I can also not guarantee the success of any actions you may take based upon this blog. As a result, I am not in a position to offer detailed technical support either before, during, or after your experiments and/or builds and/or modifications where they are, or are not, based upon the content of my blog posts. I will, at my discretion, try to answer any questions asked on this blog by you where I am able to devote the time and resources to such, and where I consider them to be appropriate in the context of the material, and where I deem them to be within the scope of the content as described.

The basic summary of this is that you should always be extremely careful in all your work, and consider the validity of information presented here before acting upon it.

I hope you enjoy this blog, but please do take responsibility for your own safety, and that of others, and any damage or harm that may be caused by lack of due care.

Best wishes,


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