Moog Rogue: open wide

Opening the Rogue is easy enough. There are five screws to undo on the base and back, and two on the front. It doesn’t matter what order you work in, as long as care is taken while moving the Rogue when it is only partially screwed together, so as to avoid spraining or cracking the screw points. Four screws are located at the corners of the base plate, as outlined in red on the photo below. One screw is located at the bottom of the rear panel, also outlined in red on the photo. Two screws are located on the front, one at each end of the keyboard. The second photo shows one of these partially undone.

photo of the screw points on the base of a Moog rogue

Moog Rogue screw points on baseplate

photo of screw points on front of Moog Rogue

Moog Rogue screw points on front of keyboard

Turn the Rogue upright and lift the lid. The third photo shows my previously-modified Rogue open like this; note the wiring at the left that connects the keyboard to the upper part. This is present in an unmodified Rogue. Be careful not to strain this.

photo of Moog Rogue open for work

Moog Rogue gut shot

To remove the main PCB from the top part, firstly remove all the knobs from the rotary controls and sliders. They should just pull off with little difficulty. The main PCB is attached to the top section by mean of three screws at the front, and a clip at the rear, which is itself attached to the body via three more screws. It is a simple matter to unscrew these in whichever order you feel works best. The clip simply slides off the PCB. The photos below highlight the locations of these screws from inside and out. Note that in the photos I have also removed the jack PCB. This is attached to the rear panel by the nuts around the jack sockets. Simply unscrew them and the PCB pulls away.

photo of Moog Rogue internal screw points

Moog Rogue internal screw points

photo of the location of Moog Rogue screw points for the main PCB, external

Moog Rogue screw points, main PCB, external

The final photo shows the Rogue open with the main PCB and jack PCB removed from the panel.

photo of a Moog Rogue open with PCBs removed for work

Moog Rogue open, with PCBs removed for work


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