Hello World

Welcome to synthnerd, a blog about synthesizers.

Electronic musical instruments have been with us for several decades now, and have become a prevalent music-making technology. Far from just providing special effects or bad bassoon sounds, synths are flexible and inspirational tools that do not confine themselves to restrictions of genre. I would hazard that there are more electronic music-making devices on the market now than ever, and whether you are a minimalist or a hoarder, there’s a chance you might need some advice some time. New synths come with a guarantee, which is fine, but old ones do not. Twenty years of collecting, playing, and occasionally making electronic music kit has forced me to become something of a tech-nerd, and here I will be blogging about:

  • ways to use old music technology – how to sync things, how to connect your drum machine to your DAW, how to get sounds out of things
  • repairing things when they go wrong – mostly vintage kit from the 70s and 80s, which is getting on a bit now, and often in need of some TLC
  • DIY builds – from switch-boxes to full-on instruments.

There is no intended pattern to my posts. I will blog when I have something to add. If you find the information here useful and interesting, please be my guest and share it. Anything I post here of my own will be public domain, and I hold no qualms about people adapting my methods for themselves.




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